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Welcome to the 2014-2015 Season

Posted on August 06, 2013
Welcome to new and exciting new look for the Major Hockey League!!  I know that it has been a long time coming and I hope that moving forward we can utilize the new site to it's full potential.

You will see and hear about new features with the new site that we hope everyone will use. Some of the new features are designed to ensure that everyone in our league, uses to site as designed as well as streamline some processes as well as provide timely updates as well as accurate information for all users.

A couple new things for the upcoming season - 

1. New Statistician

  My name is Jason Stevenson and I will be the new Statistician for the MHL. I am also the Website Administrator so any questions about the site or issues, please email me at

  I would like to mention that I will be requesting that everyone uses email as my main method of communication. I will not be replying or responding to phone calls. It will be much easier to organize the requests and emails coming in so everyone will get a timely response and in order of how the requests come in.  This is the fairest way for everyone

2. New fax number

  We have a new toll-free fax number!!  This fax line will send me an email with the fax attached so I will be able to receive the faxes from ANYWHERE!!  This should hopefully speed up the updating time for stats. My goal this year is to ensure that the stats do not go any longer than 1 day for an update...(it should be more like a few hours, however, I do want to cover-my-backside!! lol)

  New fax number is 1-866-650-7014
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